Italia to send 3 players to Africa for medical

A squad of players from Italy will travel to Africa this summer to help a young goalkeeper who has struggled with injuries and is under the care of specialists in Italy. 

Macmillan, who has been battling injury for most of the season, has been in Italy for two weeks to be evaluated by the club’s medical staff.

It is understood the goal is to have him back in the first team by the end of July. 

“He is now in a better place than ever before, he is progressing well and we have been working hard on him,” a club spokesman told Sky Sport Italia. 

A team of medical experts from the city of Naples will be flown to Rome from Italy to treat Macmillan and evaluate him.

“Macmillant has had a bad injury for some time, but we have managed to make progress with him and now he is feeling better and we are expecting him back into the squad by the middle of July,” the spokesman added.

“He has been a player that we have worked with a lot in the past, but he has always been in a very good condition.

He has had injuries before, but these are very rare.” 

A source close to the goalkeeper said the situation was not very clear-cut.

“The problem is not just his injuries but also his conditioning.

He needs to rest and recover from these conditions, but there is a lot to be done,” the source said.”

But he is in a good condition and we hope to see him back as soon as possible.” 

“The player is now a bit more in touch with his body.

He is not 100 per cent fit, but at least he is getting closer.

He will go for tests in Italy on Friday, and hopefully by the weekend we will be able to give him a diagnosis.” 

The squad will include two central defenders and a right-back. 

The former Inter star has not played since April, and is expected to miss up to two weeks with a hamstring injury.