‘Tangled’ bamboo saplings are ready for shipment

‘Tanglewood’ bamboo sachets are ready to be shipped from Thailand to India.

The ‘twin saplings’ have been made in India by an Indian company.

The saplings, which have been sold for about $1,000 each, are made from twigs, bamboo shoots and other woody materials and can be used in many types of applications.

According to the company, the saplings can be woven into fabrics, clothing, clothing accessories, furniture, umbrellas, blankets, bags and even as a substitute for rope.

Tangled bamboo sapphires have been around for decades in India.

Their popularity is partly due to their natural beauty.

They are made in Thailand and imported to India to be used as bamboo stock for decorative purposes.

The company also says that they can be made into a decorative textile, a decorative rope and a decorative string.

The company said it is making a new line of saplings for export to India, which will also include a range of other items.