‘Tree Sapling’ teaches young dogs to eat their own food

By Caroline DeWittABC News | October 25, 2018 8:35amHUGSBURG, Va.

— A young dog named Buddy was given a treat from his foster mom in a tree saplings online homework assignment.

The dog, who is named after Buddy, has been learning to eat his own food and taking the class online, a Facebook page for the Richmond Animal Rescue Group says.

He is learning to recognize the flavors of the saplings in their color, shape and texture, the Facebook page says.

“Buddy is getting good at recognizing the color, the texture and the shape of the leaves,” said the page.

“It’s just the same way he is getting the colors and textures from the bark.

When you look closely, it looks like the bark and leaves are the same color.”

The dog is learning from his parents, who are not the guardians of the dog.

“He’s doing well, and we’re so happy for him,” the page says of Buddy.

Buddy, who weighs about 5 pounds, is now able to eat from a sapling in a small room and is learning about different types of food.BUDDY’S FACEBOOK PAGEThe Richmond Animal Support Group says the group is also planning a special event in which Buddy and other puppies will be given food and treats from a food bank in a “sad” situation.

The group says Buddy’s mother has told the group that the dog’s behavior is very normal, and that Buddy is a good boy.

“It is very important to our community to know that dogs are not a problem, and they have a lot of love and support from their people,” the group says.

“Buddy has had a wonderful start in his education, and the family is just very grateful for the help.”

The Richmond Humane Society said in a statement that Buddy’s behavior has been well received, and he will continue to learn from his new mom.

The Richmond Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said in an email that the dogs’ behavior has allowed them to be treated as pets, and is part of the society’s efforts to help animals in need.

The statement also said that Buddy and his foster parents are “really excited” to see their puppy grow.