How to identify pecan saplings from a dogwood saplendour

Pecans are usually yellow, and a handful of pecans can be found in dogwood groves in southern England.

But there’s a new breed of pecan that can be identified by its dark green, greenish hue.

The new breed, called ‘dogwood’ saplings, have been introduced in England since the mid-1990s.

They are typically green, and have an almost “barklike” appearance.

Pecans grow on bark and other plant material and can grow to an average height of 2m.

The green sapling is a type of tree that can survive for many years in conditions similar to those found in Australia.

This is a dogwoods sapling (Picture: Rohan Walker/Getty Images)But the ‘dogwoods’ are a different story to the more common pecan varieties found in the UK.

Pecan varieties that grow on tree trunks and shrubs are known as ‘tree-based saplings’.

The new breed is the first tree-based variety to be introduced to the UK, and is described in the journal Plant Breeding as ‘a hybrid of a variety of bark and tree saplings’The new ‘dog wood’ variety, which is green and has a pale green bark, has been identified in the USA and Canada.

Dr Chris Taylor, a botanist at the University of Sussex, said: ‘This is one of the first species of sapling that is being grown on tree bark in the US and Canada, and it’s the first time it’s been found in a UK setting.’

The greenness of the tree material makes it particularly attractive to dogs.’

We don’t know much about the species, but it’s clearly a new species that is very similar to other bark-based species we’ve seen in Britain.’

Pecan saplings are also known as bark trees.

The ‘dog trees’ variety (Picture : Rohan Taylor/Getty)Dr Taylor said that it is possible that the new breed may have been selected for their green bark.’

It’s not clear if this was the original selection or if it’s just the way the new species is being produced,’ he said.’

But I think it’s probably the latter.’

I think the species we see here is the same variety as in Australia, so I would be very surprised if the new plant came from somewhere else.’

Dr Taylor added: ‘I think this is a very interesting new species of bark-grown tree that is growing in the garden.’

He added that the species could be an important source of food for dogs, as well as a source of shade.’

In my opinion, the colour is an important factor as a means of visual identification,’ he explained.’

When we have a good shade, dogs have to work hard to see what’s there, so the colour of the bark could be used to help them find it.’

Dr Turner said that dogs could recognise this new breed by its unusual green colour.’

Some dogs, including people with colour blindness, recognise the green bark from the other types of saplings we’ve identified so far,’ he told BBC News.’

A lot of people have been trying to find new species in the wild, and I think this one might be one of them.’

The new species will be available to view on the British Botanic Gardens website for two months from the date of publication.’

Dogs are well-suited to this variety of sapled plant,’ Dr Taylor said.