The Sports Bible: The ‘Peanut-Salad’ of Southern Texas

A family that was so proud of their peanut-salad recipe, it inspired the movie Peanuts, has sold it for $3 million.

The family, The Smith family, owns the Peanut-salade business in Laredo, Texas.

The Smiths sold the Peanuts production company in 1994 for $2.5 million, and the family owns the family business now.

The peanut-seasonal peanut-pudding company has a history dating back to the 1850s and has been called a pioneer in the peanut industry.

It has been named “The Peanut Company of the World.”

The Smith’s family said in a statement that the family is now looking to bring the Peanship back to Texas and expand it to other states.

It’s a family tradition, they said, and they feel the time is right to bring it back to its roots in Laringo.

The Peanut Seasonal Peanut Pudding is made with sweetened condensed peanut milk, honey, vanilla and maple syrup.

The flavor and consistency is similar to a traditional peanut-cream pie.

The company started with three employees, including the family’s founder.

Today, The Peanuts is based in Laresdale, Texas, where it produces over 500 different varieties of peanut-related products.

The movie Peansy the Movie is based on the family.

The franchise was the subject of a television show in which the Smiths’ family business was the central character.

The show aired for three seasons.