What Apple’s next product could be, but we’ll have to wait until 2019 to find out

The biggest story from the week ahead was Apple’s stock falling in after-hours trading as the company unveiled the iPhone 7, but it’s now back up to about $120 a share after a rebound in pre-orders.

The company also revealed that it’s investing more than $4 billion in a “digital innovation lab” that will help build its mobile platform, and it’s announcing new products like a wearable smartwatch that will use Apple’s hardware.

But there was a big news in the market that had us looking at the next big things to come: an avocado tree.

A fruit with a unique twist, an avocado is a tree that grows on a small island in the Pacific Ocean, and while it’s often called a “tree of life” because of its association with food and the health benefits, it has a very specific function in agriculture.

When eaten, the fruit’s juice contains a small amount of antioxidants that help preserve plant life and prevent it from becoming a toxic by-product.

It’s also a food source for many other plants, including blueberries, cherries, strawberries, peaches, and mangoes.

In the 1920s, an apple was the most expensive fruit in the world, but in the 1970s, a few countries began producing avocados.

Now the world is starting to eat more of the trees, and the price of avocades has been on the rise, rising more than 500 percent in the last decade.

Apple has been growing its avocado trees for more than 100 years, but its biggest crop of trees is the Avocado-Avengers fruit, which is grown for a variety of purposes.

Apple’s avocado trees are grown in California, where the company has a farm, and in Brazil, where it’s headquartered.

The tree is a huge commercial success, with apple growers and apple stores around the world competing for the land, and Apple is the most prolific tree-grower in the entire world.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company’s new research lab will help it find a way to use the trees to build its next product, which could be an avocado-shaped smartwatch.

“It will take us a decade or more to figure out what our next product is,” Cook said.

“There’s a lot of possibilities.”

What’s going on here?

The new research center is named after the avocadero, or avocado, a fruit native to Latin America.

The avocado tree has a unique way of growing and producing fruit.

When the fruit starts to ripen, the tree grows a single branch that turns into a tree trunk.

This trunk is called a root system, and by growing the avocado tree on the same branch as the tree trunk, the avocado fruit can grow at the same speed as the fruit.

The fruit is so strong that it can withstand being picked and cut up and thrown in the trash, making it an ideal crop to use in agricultural research.

The next stage of avocado research will also focus on improving its nutritional properties.

Apple says it will use the research center’s expertise in developing the first avocado-based smartwatch to help the company “better understand the health and wellness benefits of the tree.”

The research center, according to Apple, will also create “a digital innovation lab to build new technologies and services to help us deliver the best possible product to our customers.”

The avocado research center has already found that avocado trees can provide significant benefits for a number of diseases, including: “Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 10 percent, and prevent osteoporosis in women by up, and lower the risk for lung cancer and other lung diseases by up 50 percent.”

“Eliminate obesity and metabolic syndrome in children and adults by up 10 percent.”

Apple also says the avocado research lab is the first in the United States, and will work with universities in the Midwest and Latin America to “create research that’s based on the health, environmental, and nutritional values of the avocado.”

The Apple Watch’s next step Apple also said it would use the avocado-inspired watch to help it develop “better” algorithms for health monitoring, including “a new wearable smart band that integrates with your iPhone and allows you to record heart rate and activity for monitoring all aspects of your health.”

The next big product Apple is hoping to bring to the market will be a smartwatch with a screen that can monitor blood pressure, temperature, and other vital signs.

But the company isn’t saying when that product will be available.