5 new Minecraft worlds to explore in Minecraft: Acacia saplings

Minecraft: The Minecraft universe is getting a new, massive world full of trees and plants, and that includes the one that’s just for you.

It’s called the Acacia Minecraft Edition, and it’s coming to PC, Mac, and Linux this holiday season.

The new world is called “Acacia,” and you’ll need to own Minecraft to get it.

It comes with “an extensive and diverse world,” Minecraft’s developer Mojang announced on its Twitter feed, adding, “This is your first look at the world of Acacia.”

Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about Acacia.


It looks pretty massive, with over 10 million trees.

Minecraft’s creators describe Acacia as a “massive” world, with “over 10 million” trees in its open world, and “over 20 different types of plants.”


The minecraft-inspired landscape is very well done.

Minecraft has a wide variety of plants, but Acacia is the most densely packed, featuring “many trees that are almost identical to each other,” according to Mojang.


There are many different types and types of trees in the game.

You’ll be able to grow and harvest “all kinds of plants,” and there are “many different types” of plants in the world.


There’s a lot to discover in the new Acacia world.

It features “a multitude of terrain types,” including forests, mountains, rivers, and deserts.


You can build and decorate your own minecraft minecart, too.

Mojang says “many of the items and resources in the minecraft world can be crafted and used by the player.”

It’s unclear if crafting is included in the Acia version, or if that’s something the game will provide for free.

The Acacia Minecraft Edition will be available for PC, macOS, and Android.


The game’s developer has also made a special note about its release date.

Mojango will “open up the Minecraft world to players across the world at a later date, and will make some improvements to make it more accessible,” the developer wrote on Twitter.

Mojong has said it plans to make the game’s servers “a bit more robust” in the coming months.


It might be difficult to find Acacia if you don’t own Minecraft.

Minecraft creator Markus Persson said the Acacia game will launch with “no paid servers.”

It will be free to play for everyone, and Mojang is working on a paid subscription service that will let players purchase new items.

Mojangs plans include a “subscription shop,” which will include the new world, but not the game itself.


Minecraft fans are also welcome to get in on the AcaCapsiCrafting, which Mojang describes as a Minecraft “world for fans of the original game.”

Mojang’s own Acacia game, Minecraft: Spelunking, also launched in 2015, and the company has previously stated it plans on releasing Minecraft games for free to all Minecraft fans, too, including those who don’t have access to Minecraft.


You don’t need a subscription to play Minecraft.

Mojange says Minecraft’s server is “always online, and anyone can play it at any time.”


There will be a new Minecraft-themed costume for the Minecraft community.

Mojanga says Acacia’s costume will be inspired by the original “Spelunk” character, which it says “has been a part of Minecraft’s lore for nearly a decade.”


Minecraft players will be able play with Minecraft fans.

Mojag said it’s “working on the concept” of having “special Minecraft fans” “create special items and quests” for other Minecraft players.


Minecraft owners can purchase “add-on content” to get even more out of Minecraft.

The Minecraft community will also get “more content that is exclusive to Minecraft, such as new items, skins, and even quests.”


The only place you’ll be allowed to enter Acacia will be when Mojang makes a special event for it.

Mojangu has said that it “will offer special Minecraft events in the future, including a special minecraft event in 2019.”


There is a lot of information about the Minecraft Minecraft world, including “over 100 items that are rare or hard to find,” according and Minecraft’s description.


Minecraft and Minecraft fans can play together in a new “friend group” called “Friends.”

Minecraft players can also use Mojang as a platform to get together in Minecraft.


Mojaga has released a Minecraft-inspired Minecraft costume.

Mojogas Minecraft outfit inspired by “Sparkling Cloud” will be sold in the Minecraft shop, Mojang wrote.


Minecraft: Adventure Mode, which has been popular among Minecraft fans for more than a decade, is coming to Steam, Windows, Mac and Linux later this year.


Minecraft is not just a game for