How the saplings of a school carllow school in California were saved from becoming a parking lot

On Monday, the National Parks Service announced that its National Park Service Gardens of the Saplings project will save the sapling garden of a historic school carload at the carllo park in Carlow, California.

The Saplings Garden project is a partnership between the National Park System, the Carlow Park District, and the California Department of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation.

The project is the largest restoration effort of its kind undertaken by the National parks system in recent memory. 

“This historic garden will help to preserve and connect to the Carlo and Pacific Rivers in a way that has not been done before,” said National Parks Superintendent Michael G. Koval, Jr. “The Carlow District is committed to protecting our natural resources and preserving the history of this park and the historic Sapling Grove Park, which is also home to many historic and cultural sites that are still important to our city.”

The garden will serve as a memorial to the students who died in the tragic fire of 1915.

The garden is a large green meadow with the school carousel, a circular wooden structure that was built by the Carllo and Pecan Co. in the 1870s.

It was originally named after the principal of the school.

The school’s carousel was also built by an old coal company in Carllow. 

The garden has been preserved by an extensive restoration program that began in 2012.

The garden is expected to be open in 2019, but no date has been set.

The National Park system and the Carlfol District have partnered to preserve this unique and important piece of history.

The Saplings garden will be the largest public restoration project of its type undertaken by National Parks since the establishment of the National Historic Preservation Center in 1980.