How to make the perfect sapling

Rustic apple and sapling hws are an excellent addition to any garden.

They can be used as a container for your plants or as a beautiful centerpiece for the kitchen.

Here are some simple ways to make these hw’s to look elegant and unique.1.

Make a sapling hub with a wooden base, a tree trunk or other decorative element2.

Make your own sapling branch that is covered in moss and other herbs3.

Add your own floral decoration4.

Make the best decorative base for your tree or plant5.

Add some rustic charm to your tree tree with this rustic sapling base6.

Add a little colour to your garden by using your favorite moss or tree7.

Add rustic decoration to your wooden tree trunk8.

Add an edge to your woodwork or wood furniture9.

Add woody decoration to a doorpost10.

Add moss to your door or window11.

Add bonsai or landscape decoration to the bottom of your garden12.

Add edible moss to the top of your plant13.

Add flowers to your plant14.

Add decorative herbs to your plants15.

Add fun foliage to your landscape or landscape plant16.

Add leaves to your houseplant17.

Add herbs to the garden18.

Add roots to your trees or plants19.

Add berries to your fruit tree20.

Add plants to your vegetable garden21.

Add trees to your patio22.

Add bushes to your back garden23.

Add tree trunks to your porch24.

Add plant parts to your compost25.

Add fruit to your bushes26.

Add mulch to your backyard27.

Add vegetables to your ground27.

Adding moss to a tree28.

Adding foliage to a garden29.

Adding herbs to a pot plant30.

Adding flowers to a flower pot31.

Adding leaves to a vegetable garden32.

Adding plants to a landscape garden33.

Adding berries to a bush plant34.

Adding mulch or soil to your lawn garden35.

Adding plant parts or branches to your front garden36.

Adding vegetation to your yard garden37.

Adding trees to a backyard garden38.

Adding bushes to a back garden39.

Adding shrubs to a yard garden40.

Adding flower plants to any area garden41.

Adding compost to your land or landscape42.

Adding tree branches to a hedge garden43.

Adding wood to a building garden44.

Adding soil to a fence garden45.

Adding a decorative piece to a house garden46.

Adding an ornamental piece to any house garden47.

Adding roots to a planthouse48.

Adding decorative plant parts, foliage, roots, or fruit to any building or garden49.

Adding bark to your property50.

Adding edible or edible plant parts51.

Adding water to your soil52.

Adding pot plants53.

Adding your own decorations54.

Adding herbicide to your water source55.

Adding or adding a new decorative plant56.

Adding fresh water to a stream or stream source57.

Adding fruit trees to the river or stream orchard58.

Adding vegetables to the water source59.

Adding bonsa trees to any land or woodland tree garden60.

Adding any fruit trees in your garden61.

Adding wildflowers to your gardens62.

Adding bush trees to other bushes63.

Adding bamboo trees to trees or shrubs64.

Adding other types of trees to tree garden65.

Adding anything edible to your landscaping garden66.

Adding seeds to your orchard garden67.

Adding new plants to orchard gardens68.

Adding vines to your flower gardens69.

Adding rhizomes to your herb garden70.

Adding succulents to your forest garden71.

Adding weeds to your ornamental garden72.

Adding exotic herbs to orchards or bushes73.

Adding honey to your crops74.

Adding spices to your foods75.

Adding the perfect mix of spices to any recipe76.

Adding seasonal vegetables to any herb garden77.

Adding fun plant parts78.

Adding special herbs to any plant garden79.

Adding garden decorations to your home garden80.

Adding house plants to lawn gardens81.

Adding roses to your bouquets82.

Adding fragrant herbs to trees and shrubs83.

Adding ferns to any woodland orchard84.

Adding pomegranates to any orchard85.

Adding mushrooms to your pot plant86.

Adding sea salt to your pond87.

Adding earthworms to your fish ponds88.

Adding worms to your farmyard or garden89.

Adding sweet potatoes to your table or garden90.

Adding citrus fruits to your salad bar91.

Adding mints to your citrus salad bar92.

Adding peppermint to your lemonade bar93.

Adding blackcurrants to your blueberry orchard94.

Adding rose hips to your strawberries95.

Adding garlic to your peppers97.

Adding onion to your mustard greens98.

Adding parsley to your kale salads99.

Adding thyme to your herbs100.

Adding sage to